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Monday, November 1, 2010

EuroTrip 2.0 part 2

When we left off Izzie and I were getting onto the train for Berlin, it was not a direct train ride to Berlin because we had a stop in Koln (Cologne). Things were going smoothly until our train broke down, and what should have been 20 minutes on the TGV turned into an hour train ride on local lines... that hour meant that we would be arriving at the station at 10:45. The problem with that was our train was leaving Koln to Berlin at 10:48. So there we were pulling an "Amazing Race" and running through the station gently shoving people away to make our train... thankfully we hopped on having the doors close on our back and we were off to Berlin.

Once in Berlin we were starving, it was 15:30 and we were hungry so we B-lined it to a McDonald's to eat a McRib which cannot be found in Canada... and I have to Say it was DELICIOUS!

We made it to the Propeller City Island Lodge which is a themed hotel where each room is designed differently by an artist... we got the room with 360 degree mirrors. One word of warning is the hotel's reception closes at 16:30, and since we got there at 16:30 they had put our key in a safe by the door with a four digit code... Once we got into the room I felt as though I was in a scene from the movie Hostel and I was starting to get freaked out, so we decided to spend as little time in that room as possible.

We headed out to the Unsicht-Bar, a restaurant where you dine in the dark which is a crazy experience. When I say complete darkness I mean "cannot see your hand at the tip of your nose" darkness. We didn't even know what we were eating, we had a choice between a vegetarian, chicken, fish, beef, or a surprise dish. All you knew was that you were starting with a salad, then your main course followed by a desert. At the end of the meal you could go and see exactly what you ate. The meal was absolutely delicious and being in total darkness we had some very deep conversations about everything.

The next day we weren't able to actually check out of the hotel because there was no one there and the fact we no towels meant we couldn't shower (Eww). Needless to say we weren't impressed. After that fun we were off to go visit Sachsenhausen, a concentration camp a few hours from Berlin and had an awesome tour following our guideArja. Arja treated us to a very interesting tour and did a good job of getting the point across without depressing us too much.

The same day we waited in line to see the Bundestag which is the government building in Germany. It was beautiful because we got to go into the dome and see the whole city of Berlin.

Food wise we did make sure to get some Sourcrout and some Haagen Daz before we left, both were delicious. I also have to add that I am glad we walked so much because if not I would have gained a lot of weight due to all the eating.

Before we got onto the train to Amsterdam we concluded our quick visit of Berlin by visiting the Wall and the Hollocaust memorial which can be found in the middle of the city. Noth are beautiful monuments which commemorate hard times for the Germans.

So back to the station we went to wait for our night train to Amsterdam. We were ready to visit a new and exciting city.

Tschüß, until next time

The pictures in order are: 1. me showing off my awesome McRib (before wearing it) 2. the mirror room in the propeller city island lodge 3. the german flag in front of the Bundestag 

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  1. Haha ''Gently shoving people away'' love it
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